What you need to know about Active vs. Passive Candidates

Recruiting firms are engaging with candidates from one of two categories – active or passive. As a hiring manager, understanding which category a candidate is in will allow you to tailor your interview style. Here’s a brief overview of what we see separating the two….

Active Candidates

Active candidates may or may not be employed, but they are fervently seeking to change jobs for various reasons:

  • Change in their direct manager
  • Company downsizing or closing
  • Lack of career advancement opportunity
  • Increased financial earning potential

The interview approach with active candidates is standard, and one that’s already in your toolbox. It’s essential that you don’t fall into stereotypical judgment of active candidates. Their reasons for wanting a change, or for being unemployed – if that’s the case – can be legitimate.

Passive Candidates

Passive candidates are excelling in their current positions, and recruiters go above and beyond to seek the top talent from this pool.

Since this group is most likely happy and established with their current employer, it’s important to realize that they need to be “recruited”… and to remember they are interviewing you as much as you are interviewing them. With this in mind, it’s best to go with a consultative approach and invest the time in building rapport with these candidates. Be ready to share compelling information about your organization and the opportunity, as well as what separates you from your competitors in the marketplace.

Whether a candidate is active or passive, it’s important to recognize in today’s thriving job market these candidates have options… including potential counteroffers from their current employers. If your interview process is extensive, look at ways of streamlining these steps without sacrificing the integrity of your process. Timing is everything, and the competition is fierce for the best talent in the market!

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